Adriana Regidor García
Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Director

Nektium is a nutraceutical company in Gran Canaria which combines ethnobotany, science and understanding of the market to create innovative plant-based solutions. With the objective of promoting sustainable and healthy living, our products include a variety of health benefits, in particular cognitive enhancement, sports and active lifestyle nutrition as well as weight management.

With a thorough knowledge of botanicals and state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology, Nektium focuses on quality and transparency throughout the value chain to offer safe, evidence-based botanical extracts to our B2B clients worldwide.

Technology for obtaining highly bioavailable phytonutrients


Phytonutrients are natural bioactive components present in the daily diet that can exert a positive impact on human health. These positive effects depend upon their bioavailability, which means, the capacity of the body to absorb them.

Polyphenols are a group of chemical substances, found in plants and responsible of the above-mentioned bioactivity. Many of those active ingredients / nutrients are lipophilic (fat soluble) or insoluble in water, consequently offering poor bioavailability.

Within this context, there are different aspects that can improve the absorption and the bioavailability, such as the effect of processing (mechanical, thermal, and non-thermal treatments) as well as the application of certain techniques (enzymatic process, encapsulation of bioactives, etc.) to increase the solubility of the ingredients, provide a controlled release of actives substances, as well as improving efficacy, stability, safety and profitability.

We are looking for companies able to develop scientifically proven delivery systems, designed to increase bioavailability and uptake of our botanical extracts by the body. Our aim is to improve the functionality of actives for health and wellbeing.

Disruptive Idea
March 2023