Jacobo Rodríguez
Project Coordinator

The Grupo Newport integrates a group of companies whose vocation is to grow and add value through a comprehensive range of quality products and services, focused on customer satisfaction, both institutional as well as private.

The group, with its various business lines, is the result of a clear commitment to the diversification of the region’s industrial fabric. Consolidated in sectors such as real estate development, consultancy, audiovisual, renewable energies, health, training and hospitality, the Grupo Newport is a reference benchmark throughout the archipelago.

Grupo Newport
Seawater Analytics: sensoric improvement for the progression of the detection of pollutants


Through the deployment of its proprietary system of coastal buoys, Seawater Analytics captures physico-chemical parameters of the sea and thanks to the IoT technology -incorporation of physical objects with sensors, software and other technologies- sends this information to the cloud, and finally it is transferred to users via the application itself. Advanced analytics is applied to these indicators, incorporating all data in relation to weather and sea conditions to establish a quality index. Nevertheless, the challenge we pose is that, although the buoys have a watertight capsule in which a sensor-enabled control unit is located to perform measurements, given the demand the company is receiving, the most immediate needs shall focus on the sensors or sensoric part, considering, in turn, on the following specific requirements:

  • Having a technology which can detect faecal contamination and hydrocarbons at an affordable cost.
  • Achieving the integration of the sensors with the control unit.

The attainment of these requirements will make the product’s market appeal  grow exponentially, in addition to placing its usefulness in the spotlight for beaches, commercial ports and marinas, as it will be able to detect any type of contamination more rapidly, thus ensuring an immediate response.

Series A/B/C (growth, late stage venture, venture, private equity)
March 2023