Miguel Quintanilla Eriksson
CIO Satocan Group

Satocan, with almost 40 years of history, has always stood out for its diversification, for its unwavering commitment to new projects, for innovation and for focusing its efforts on growth in the Canary Islands. It has grown as a business group, commencing its activity in construction and property development, and has culminated in being an industry leader in other sectors such as tourism, with hotels and tourist apartments, golf courses, air transport, marinas, shopping centres, underground car parks, medical centres, energy production and algae production. A highly diversified group which is among the leaders in the Canary Islands with more than 70 companies and approximately 1,000 employees.

Recycling technologies for waste reduction


Recycling technologies have the potential to significantly reduce waste and help create a more sustainable future. However, there are several key challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Cost: Recycling technologies can be expensive to develop, implement, and maintain. 
  • Technological limitations: Some materials are difficult to recycle due to their chemical composition or physical properties. 
  • Lack of infrastructure: In order for recycling technologies to be effective, there are needs to create a well-developed infrastructure in place to collect, sort, and process recyclable materials.
  • Public education and awareness: Many people are not aware of the importance of recycling or the types of materials that can be recycled.
  • Regulatory challenges: Different regions and countries may have different regulations and standards for waste management and recycling, making it difficult for companies to operate across borders.

We are actively seeking innovative startups that can provide technology innovations in the field of recycling of different materials. Our aim is to partner with these startups and create new businesses that can help reduce waste and promote sustainability in the Canaries.

We are particularly interested in startups that are working on new recycling technologies that can handle difficult-to-recycle materials such as plastics, electronics, and batteries. Additionally, we are looking for companies that are developing new processes for recycling agricultural waste and other organic materials.

Series A/B/C (growth, late stage venture, venture, private equity)