Federico Cuyás Redondo
Dinapsis Responsible

Canaragua is a Canary Islands company in the Environment sector which manages all the processes related to the integral water cycle in the Canary Islands. Its main lines of business are: water (from the optimal management of the water footprint to the relationship with our clients), the treatment (design, construction, operation and financing of treatment plants and systems) and consultancy (advice and management of complex projects to optimise costs and deadlines). Canaragua, present in the Canary Islands since 1990, is the leading operator in the private and mixed water market in the Canary Islands with 283,000 clients, aggregate turnover of 150 million Euros and a consolidated workforce of 800 people. It manages 35 significant contracts with activity on the 7 islands, providing service in all or part of the integral water cycle to more than 1.5 million inhabitants of the Canary Islands

Valorisation of the public’s consumption data


One of the technological evolutions implemented by Canaragua in recent years in terms of its management has been the remote reading of our clients' consumption control meters. This evolution has led to an increase in efficiency, a reduction in errors due to the human error factor and an improvement in billing and customer service systems.

The client thus has the possibility of greater control and knowledge as regards their own consumption, making it easier for clients to adapt their habits, reduce the volume of consumption and, therefore, the amount of their bills, and identify possible breakdowns in their installation earlier etc.

Canaragua currently has more than 40,000 water meters in service with a remote reading system. In a traditional meter reading system, this would entail having only approximately 240,000 data per year, compiled in the periods to be established. The implementation of remote reading makes available approximately 1,000,000,000 data per day.

In addition to the obvious benefits that remote reading already offers for Canaragua and our clients, we understand that this volume of information which is compiled can have greater added value for us, our clients or third parties. Our challenge is to find possible uses for this information and technological solutions which enable its exploitation.

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March 2023