Adriana Regidor García
Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Director

Nektium is a nutraceutical company in Gran Canaria which combines ethnobotany, science and understanding of the market to create innovative plant-based solutions. With the objective of promoting sustainable and healthy living, our products include a variety of health benefits, in particular cognitive enhancement, sports and active lifestyle nutrition as well as weight management.

With a thorough knowledge of botanicals and state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology, Nektium focuses on quality and transparency throughout the value chain to offer safe, evidence-based botanical extracts to our B2B clients worldwide.

Smart plant-derived ingredients produced using biotechnological processes


Advances in biotechnology allow the development of cell culture systems for botanical species with high added value, guaranteeing sustainable biomass production under safe and economically viable conditions.

The next generation of these phytonutrient-enriched botanical products as a source of health, will require the development and use of biotechnological processes and the application of molecular biology techniques that allow overcoming the limitations of climate, water, and time.

Its local production will avoid long supply chains, while being more efficient and affordable than conventional crops, without generating tons of waste, with transparency, traceability, and safety. In short, it will favor the development of plant ingredients grown intelligently, abundantly and sustainably in a controlled environment.

We want to take advantage of the available technology for its application to the development of cell biomass of several botanical species (non-genetically modified) of high economic interest in the pharmaceutical sector, food supplements and functional health.

Disruptive Idea
March 2023