Celia Hernández
Executive assistant to the​ ​President &​ CEO & Sustainability Manager

With more than 85 years of history, the Domingo Alonso Group is one of the reference benchmark companies in the Canary Islands. Known mainly for its work in the automotive sector, the Domingo Alonso Group has diversified its activity in sectors such as technology and today has more than 1,500 employees and 35 companies in over 40 countries. This strong growth and development has been fostered at every turn together with the commitment to innovation and sustainability as core values of this company. On its course, the company surrounds itself with the best technology to lead and foster digital transformation in order to become a data-driven company with the client always at the centre of all its activity. Under this philosophy, the group combines within its strategy, expansion, diversification and sustainability plans which has led to investments of more than 10 million Euros in the creation of new companies based on information technologies, communications and consultancy, among other sectors.

Domingo Alonso Group
Carbon neutral company


The Domingo Alonso Group forges ahead strengthening its sustainable commitment. The company tackling new challenges the neutralization of its CO2 carbon footprint, with projects such as the reduction of its water footprint, the electrification of mobility, the storage and production of clean energy, process digitalisation etc.

Among the group's needs, the following are highlighted:

  • CO2 car dealerships: that is, a fume extractor in the car dealerships to change that CO2 for something less harmful or harmless.
  • Car wash water: nowadays a large surface area is required for a water recycling treatment plant, something more compact and easier to install afterwards, that is, when the work is already completed.
  • Alternative workshop products/supplies (air conditioning cleaner, lock maintenance spray etc ): which are non-hazardous chemicals but have the same function.
  • Sustainable mobility models: that is, where mobility is offered as a service, subscription models, sharing, smart city, circular economy, decarbonisation etc.
  • Reuse of water from our cooling systems, especially in car dealerships. Platform where all data concerning our impact on the environment can be managed.
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March 2023