Sergio Capitán

ARQUIMEA’s research center was founded in 2019 in the Canary Islands. ARQUIMEA is a Spanish technology company, with over 16 years of experience, which operates worldwide in highly demanding sectors, such as Aerospace, Science Industry or Biotechnology. Our objective is to develop ideas and participate in high technological and social impact projects, through a multidisciplinary strategy and the inclusion of the most disruptive technologies.

The center currently has more than 60 researchers, PhDs and experts in deep tech technologies, such as quantum technology, biotechnology, photonics, robotics, nanotechnology, sensors, artificial intelligence or blockchain and with experience in research centres and projects around the world. The average age of the team is 35 years old, and our researchers have studied and worked in some of the best universities and technology centres worldwide.

Electrochemical biosensors integrated in a microneedle patch


A variety of transdermal and epidermal sensors are currently under development in both academic and industrial settings, demonstrating that wearable biosensing is a promising technology with extraordinary commercial potential. But there are still many challenges and technological gaps to overcome in order to expand the field of molecular body monitoring technology beyond the already established continuous glucose sensing. Many of these critical limitations relate to invasiveness, poor biocompatibility, limited lifetime, low sensitivity and poor selectivity and are directly related to the design of the biosensor.

We want to develop a skin patch capable of detecting transdermal levels of various compounds (cortisol as an indicator of stress, insulin for diabetics, lactate for athletes, serotonin for depression). The biosensor patch should be integrated into a microneedle platform that will act as an electrochemical transducer while allowing painless access to interstitial fluids, thus moving towards non-invasive, quantitative and objective monitoring of various health-related parameters.

Disruptive idea
March 2023