Agustín Tapia Quesada
ICT Chief

Astilleros Canarios S.A. (ASTICAN) is a privately owned ship repair yard with experienced staff, and whose main activity is the repair, maintenance, and conversion of all types of vessels, structures, marine renewable energy devices and offshore units.

The yard became fully operative in 1976. Its modern installations, particularly its dry-docking system, a versatile Syncrolift platform with a lifting capacity for vessels up to 36,000 DWT and 7 dry-docking lanes, respond to the quality and service that shipowners demand and allows attendance at very short notice.

Optimisation of the dry docking and ship launching operations and the location thereof in the shipyard.


The dry docking and ship launching operations are carried out in a lift (syncrolift shiplift), dry repairs are carried out in one of the 7 dry-docking slipways. We want to apply disruptive technologies to improve these processes in particular in:

  • The control and monitoring of the operations (both in the syncrolift shiplift as well as in the slipways), by obtaining 3D models of the entire surface of the ship (before and after the repair) during the process
  • Requirements for the correct location, based on AI algorithms which analyse the characteristics of the ships, the intended planning and scheduling of other ships, the tasks to be performed, the personnel and companies entrusted based on historical data and resources required as well as envisaged environmental or other external factors.
Disruptive Idea
March 2023