Federico Cuyás Redondo
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Canaragua is a Canary Islands company in the Environment sector which manages all the processes related to the integral water cycle in the Canary Islands. Its main lines of business are: water (from the optimal management of the water footprint to the relationship with our clients), the treatment (design, construction, operation and financing of treatment plants and systems) and consultancy (advice and management of complex projects to optimise costs and deadlines). Canaragua, present in the Canary Islands since 1990, is the leading operator in the private and mixed water market in the Canary Islands with 283,000 clients, aggregate turnover of 150 million Euros and a consolidated workforce of 800 people. It manages 35 significant contracts with activity on the 7 islands, providing service in all or part of the integral water cycle to more than 1.5 million inhabitants of the Canary Islands

Data Accessibility


Among the various activities which Canaragua undertakes within the framework of its business performance, the management of the integral water cycle is the most important and which constitutes its core business. In order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of said management, for years we have opted for the digitalisation, monitoring and automation of the main operating parameters of our systems.

Canaragua currently manages over 69,000 IoT devices, 1,200 PLCs, communications networks based on analogue radios, digital radios, WIMAX, 4G etc. All data captured in the field are transferred to our Data Processing Centre (DPC). There our SCADA systems enable the monitoring, supervision and control of over 500,000 variables, which represents approximately 37,000,000 data per day. All things considered, Canaragua has a sufficiently mature in-house system with a high level of know-how in all these areas.

The development of the system has been mainly geared towards the internal operation of the infrastructures related to the public services which Canaragua manages. The characteristics of these services and their installations require a high level of security system. For this reason, access to the information of our SCADAs is carried out through cybersecure connections and under parameters in which the securitization of the environment and data is paramount.

With a system based on these premises, it is difficult to make headway in the creation of solutions and services which are more accessible to the public. Our challenge is to seek technological solutions via the web that, without sacrificing the necessary levels of security, using as a basis what is currently implemented in our systems and our technological know-how, enable us to offer any type of information or services to users extraneous to our organisation, sharing open data. The objective is to acquire knowledge to enable us to undertake projects in other areas extraneous to the integral water cycle in which the transfer of information and knowledge to the public is a key factor and provides added value.

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March 2023