Open innovation programme which fosters collaboration between companies, technology start-ups and knowledge agents and furthers the Canary Islands' capacities for the international launch of new technological products

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Innovate Canarias

Innovate Canarias foster private investment in research, development and innovation and supports the economic diversification of the islands, reinforcing the role of technology start-ups in solving challenges faced by major regional companies.
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Innovate Canarias foster private investment in research, development and innovation and supports the economic diversification of the islands, reinforcing the role of technology start-ups in solving challenges faced by major regional companies.
Canary Islands companies seeking to strengthen their innovation processes by relying on external collaboration agents, start-ups, R&D+i or technological development centres. Start-ups and ambitious and creative technological entrepreneurs are required to offer innovative solutions to the Canary Islands industry.


September 2022 - June 2023

f you are a Canary Islands company with a clear commitment to innovation, whatever your sector of activity, you can participate in the Innovate Canarias programme. Find out what stage of innovation your company is currently at. The selected companies will have access to a training programme and will be able to benefit from a start-up scouting process to solve the needs which have been identified in order to grow their company.

1.1 Registration and analysis: Through the registration and analysis form, participating companies will be able to apply for the programme. Consult the requirements for participation in the terms and conditions. From 1 to 30 September.

1.2. Selection: The Innovate Canarias technical team, with the support of EIT Hub Israel, will select the 8 companies likely to participate in the programme during this first edition on the basis of the results obtained in the innovation analysis furnished during the registration process. 1 October.

Access to a first-class training as regards open innovation, provided by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Hub Israel. The programme is implemented via a hybrid model tailored to the recurrent activities of the company, including 1:1 meetings. This training furthers the capabilities of each company through interactions with key figures in the Israeli ecosystem. Consult all training contents in the Programme Terms and Conditions

Participating companies disclose the identified challenge for which specific solutions are sought.

Scouting of local and international start-ups capable of responding to the challenges posed. Interaction with the various agents is fostered with the intention of creating synergies which foster the islands' ecosystem.

Innovate Canarias provides the support that may be requested in each case to facilitate the success of the process.

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Innovation as an engine for growth

  • Improvement of the company's R&D+i capacities.
  • Access to practical training and know-how from professionals with proven experience in innovation processes.
  • Access to local and international innovation and technology networks, with particular consideration on Israel's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.
  • Business growth through open innovation: development of new products and services, access to new markets, increased efficiency and improvement of existing products and services.
  • Access to testing and prototyping in Canary Islands companies with a global vision.
  • Positioning of innovative technological products in the value chain of major companies.
  • Possibility of working with innovation departments of companies in the identification and development of new disruptive solutions to industry challenges.
  • Strategic partnerships and investment with particular consideration on knowledge of Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Fostering of innovation in the local economy and the creation of opportunities for local technology companies, entailing the opening up of the regional economy to innovative projects.
  • Exchange of knowledge, know-how and transfer of technology between the Canary Islands and Israel, fostering collaboration between major companies and technology start-ups.
  • Exposing the Canary Islands to innovative processes and technologies, and in the long term, fostering the growth of the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in the archipelago by stimulating investment in private R&D+I through open innovation processes.
  • Establishment of the Canary Islands Brand in areas related to innovation.


Innovate Canarias is an Open Innovation programme coordinated by the Canary Islands Association of Start-ups,, Technology-Based Companies and Angel Investors (EMERGE) and funded by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society (ACIISI).

Closed the registration period for companies.
We will announce the selected companies shortly.