International Open Innovation programme which connects innovative Canary Islands companies with technology start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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This programme connects ideas, talent and creativity of technology-based entrepreneurs and start-ups with the needs, challenges and opportunities of innovative companies operating in the Canary Islands. It likewise helps Canary Islands companies to undertake their innovation analysis and to understand the trends which are changing their industries. Consult the benefits and advantages offered.

Stage 1: Registration, analysis and selection.
Companies established in the islands which place incremental or radical innovation at the heart of their strategy and wish to learn about the technological trends that are changing their industries can participate in this programme. Consult the programme's terms and conditions for further information.
Stage 2: Training.
The selected companies will have access to a specific and excellent training in relation to Open Innovation provided by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Hub Israel which will assist those companies to improve their internal processes, exchange strategies with industry experts and access the innovation ecosystem in Israel.
Stage 3: Identification of the challenge.
At the end of the training process, the company will be able to identify key opportunities to expand its business and improve its productivity and competitiveness. The challenge which best defines its priorities and needs will be identified.

Stage 4: Collaboration.
Scouting of local and international start-ups capable of responding to the challenges posed. Interaction with various public and private agents is fostered with the intention of creating synergies which facilitate the islands' innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Stage 5: Consolidation
Innovate Canarias accompanies the stakeholders concerned (company/start-up/knowledge agents) in those resources which may be necessary to ensure the success of the collaboration.

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Innovate Canarias is an Open Innovation programme coordinated by the Canary Islands Association of Start-ups,, Technology-Based Companies and Angel Investors (EMERGE) and funded by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment of the Government of the Canary Islands through the Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society (ACIISI).

  • Registration and Analysis

    Through the registration and analysis form, participating companies can submit their application to the programme

  • Participation requirements

    1. Incorporated as a legal entity and registered office in the Canary Islands.
    2. Availability to attend the training.
    3. Completion of the self-diagnosis of innovation during the application process.
    4. Global vision of the company.

Closed the registration period for companies
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Benefits of the Programme

  • For companies
    - Improvement of the company's R&D+i capacities.
    - Access to practical training and know-how from professionals with proven experience in innovation processes.
    - Access to local and international innovation and technology networks, with particular consideration on Israel's entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.
  • For start-ups
    - Access to testing and prototyping in Canary Islands companies with a global vision.
    - Positioning of innovative technological products in the value chain of major companies with the possibility of working with innovation departments of companies in the identification and development of new disruptive solutions to challenges to industry challenges.
    - Strategic partnerships and investment with particular consideration on knowledge of Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • For the ecosystem
    - Establishment of the Canary Islands Brand in areas related to innovation through the fostering of innovation in the local economy and the creation of opportunities for local technology companies, entailing the opening up of the regional economy to innovative projects.
    - Exchange of knowledge, know-how and transfer of technology between the Canary Islands and Israel, fostering collaboration between major companies and technology start-ups.
    - Exposing the Canary Islands to innovative processes and technologies, and in the long term fostering the growth of the innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem in the archipelago by stimulating investment in private R&D+I through open innovation processes.



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Emprendimiento e innovación en Canarias

El objetivo es el intercambio de conocimiento y la proyección tecnológica entre Canarias y el ecosistema internacional. Esto lo lograremos fomentando la colaboración entre grandes empresas y startups tecnológicas.

Desarrollo de la I+D+i.

startups tecnológicas

co-innovar, cooperar, colaborar, co-crear, co-desarrollar)

We seek solutions

Spin-offs, technology start-ups and local and international entrepreneurs who know how to respond to the challenges posed by technological change and a highly competitive economy in continuous evolution are selected. The participating companies are working on the definition of the challenge and which will be published soon, if you wish to be updated as regards further details of the programme, please contact us at:

March 2023
Electrochemical biosensors integrated in a microneedle patch
March 2023
Optimisation of the dry docking and ship launching operations and the location thereof in the shipyard.

March 2023
Data Accessibility
March 2023
Valorisation of the public’s consumption data
March 2023
Intelligent data management system
March 2023
The future of employee engagement and collaboration
March 2023
Automation and integration of interdepartmental processes
March 2023
Seawater Analytics: sensoric improvement for the progression of the detection of pollutants
March 2023
Smart plant-derived ingredients produced using biotechnological processes
March 2023
Technology for obtaining highly bioavailable phytonutrients
Recycling technologies for waste reduction
March 2023
Reduction of water waste and consumption in agriculture

Hub of opportunities

The Canary Islands are recognised for their quality of life and for an economic, social and cultural dimension closely connected to Europe, Africa and America. But beyond that, it has innovative companies with a presence in international markets and qualified higher education, research and development institutions and centres capable of generating knowledge for excellence and technology. The strong economic growth and development of the Canary Islands in recent decades has been the result of a successful combination of education, talent, effort, innovative capacity and entrepreneurial vision.

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Business WEbsite Development

Finance & Banking
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Aprovechar el know-how y experiencia en la industria
de grandes empresas Canarias

Suma nuevos partenariados estratégicos y de participa en el desarrollo conjunto de proyectos innovadores con proyección global
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  • Awesome Image Financiación
Grandes empresas que operan en Canarias proponen oportunidades de negocio y de colaboración tecnológica que aporten valor añadido, mejoren su productividad y competitividad y les ayuden a seguir creciendo.
Además, Canarias ofrece importantes líneas de financiación pública para startups y emprendedores que quieran desde aquí desarrollar su nuevo producto/servicio tecnológico.


Visit to Astican

Visit to Astican Within the framework of the Innovate Canarias

Government, businesses, technological startups, and knowledge agents drive the commitment to innovation

Government, businesses, technological startups, and knowledge agents drive the commitment

Launching of the Innovate Canarias program

First Open Innovation program in the Canary Islands begins